Welcome to our Orientation Module for parents of very premature babies. The purpose of this module is to provide a resource to parents during the first few days after birth.

Please use the link below to watch an introductory video about our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) here at Kingston Health Sciences Centre. In the video, you will meet both health care team members and past parents of children in the NICU. We hope this will help you navigate your stay.

If you hear anything during the video that you would like more information on, just click on the corresponding page on the left-hand side to find further details.


Before starting the module, please be aware there is much more information in it than you might need. Please use the module to guide your learning and pick and choose the sections you feel will be most beneficial to you. It is important not to overwhelm yourself with too information at an already stressful time, so we recommend using your descretion to guide your use of the module. You are always welcome to come back to the module later for more information/clarification as you need it.  We strongly encourage you to speak with any member of our NICU care team and ask questions for additional information or clarification, as you need it.