This module will enable you to apply your knowledge of appendicular anatomy to the analysis of common upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries. Please complete the quiz, review the references and consider the case scenarios in advance of the related session. In class, you will work in teams to explore these case scenarios in more detail. You may bring resources such as notes, texts and wireless-enabled laptops to help you work through and solve the problems posed to your team.


By the end of this module and the related classroom session, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize common injuries and pathologies of the shoulder and elbow,
  2. Identify the likely anatomical source of pathology based on historical information and physical findings of shoulder and elbow dysfunction,
  3. Identify common radiologic abnormalities characteristic of shoulder and elbow injuries and pathologies.


Relevant MCC Objective(s): 67-1-2-2

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