Welcome to Medication Reconciliation: A Learning Guide! The main purpose of this learning module is to provide healthcare providers with the basic knowledge and understanding to successfully incorporate medication reconciliation in your daily practice as a team. Parts of this guide are also intended for patients, families, and healthcare support workers to enhance their knowledge and understanding of medication reconciliation as an essential part of safe medication use.

This module is adapted with permission from Medication Reconciliation, an online learning module by Fraser Health Authority, 2008 and High Fives Action on Patient Safety: Getting Started Kit, ISMP Canada, 2009.

Prevent Adverse Drug Events through Medication Reconciliation

An Adverse Event can be defined in one of three ways:

  1. An unexpected and undesired incident directly associated with the care or services provided to the patient;
  2. An incident that occurs during the process of providing health care and results in patient injury or death;
  3. An adverse outcome for a patient, including an injury or complication.

(The Canadian Patient Safety Dictionary, October 2003, retrieved December 3, 2009.)