Interview FAQ

1. How many interview days are there?

  • MD MMI Interviews: Saturday, February 12th 2022
  • MD Panel Interviews: March 26 & 27 2022. Select applicants will be invited to interview on one of those days.

2. How many applicants are being interviewed?

While the exact number varies from year to year, approximately 450-550 MD applicants make it to the interview after the file review. For the MD/PhD program, 18-20 applicants are interviewed each year.

3. How many applicants will be accepted?

The Class of 2026 will have approximately 100 students. We accept 3 MD/PhD students a year.

4. Are the scheduled events and/or social activities mandatory? 

Nope! All of the events are held on a "drop-in" basis, and everything is quite casual. Don't worry if you will be arriving slightly late or need to leave a bit early.

5. Do the Interview Weekend volunteers evaluate applicants?

No. The volunteers are there at the Interview Weekends to help make your experience smoother and more comfortable. We are all first-year students (Class of 2025) at Queen's Medicine, and we have no part in the admissions process.

6. Where can I find more information about the interview itself? 

The Admissions Office is responsible for that information, not us (this is a student-run website). Any information you have or will get will be via email from the Admissions Office. This website will not be releasing any specific information (e.g. number of MMI stations).