Step 6: Prep and drape

Place your white sterile sheet slightly under your patient, taking care to remain sterile. Remove one of the sponge sticks and soak the sponge end in the proviodine. Squeeze the excess out on the grate provided in the proviodine basin. Use the proviodine to clean the skin around the LP puncture site. Begin at the site of your LP and clean in overlapping and gradually widening circles. Ensure you are cleaning enough skin so that the area you will be working in is completely sterile. Discard the sponge stick when this is finished. Repeat this twice. Now take your sterile blue sheet and remove the sticky tab from the back of it. Using the sticky portion of the sheet to secure it to your patient, place the sheet over your patient's hip. Your LP site should now be exposed through the middle opening of the sheet.

Place white sheet:


Apply proviodine:


Place blue sheet:


Wipe off excess proviodine: