Step 5: Opening the inner tray and tray setup

While wearing your sterile gloves, open the inner wrap of the LP tray. Take care not to contaminate your gloves while doing this. Once the tray is open, set up the tray for use. Assemble the manometer, manometer tubing (if you use this) and stopcock together. Stand the test tubes up in the tray and remove their caps. Note they are numbered 1 through 4. Open the lidocaine bottle and draw the lidocaine into your 25 gauge needle and syringe for anesthesia. Finally, have an assistant place proviodine into the proviodine basin.

Open tray: 


Setup manometer:


Open stopcock:


Setup test tubes:


Draw lidocaine into syringe:


Check LP needle and stylet:


Place proviodine in tray: