Summary questions

IDevice Question Icon Question 1
Choose the INCORRECT statement:

Fiberglass takes 2-3 days to dry completely.

Stockinette may be the first layer of cast applied.

Plaster will feel hard in approximately 4 minutes.

Fiberglass is lighter than plaster.

IDevice Question Icon Question 2

Skin injury from the cast saw is more likely for all of the following EXCEPT:


Moving the cast saw in and out with brisk movements.

A wet cast.

Casts with gortex cast lining.

Patients with fragile skin, such as babies and the elderly.

IDevice Question Icon Question 3:

All of the following are true, EXCEPT:


A burning point under the cast may indicate an abnormal pressure point.

Skin irritation is especially common at the edges of fiberglass casts.

Fracture reduction may be lost as swelling subsides.

Early signs of compartment syndrome include pallor, pulselessness and paresthesia.