Applying the cast (equipment)



Stockinette is usually the first layer applied over the area to be cast. Its ends can be folded over the cast edges to soften them. It may be omitted in acute fracture treatment as it may restrict swelling.



Webril comes in a range of widths from 5-15 cm; the smallest ones are easiest to work with. 5-10 cm webril should be used for the upper extremity and 10-15 cm for the lower extremity.

Plaster of Paris


Plaster is the most commonly used casting material because of its ease of use. Immersion in water initiates an exothermic reaction in the plaster causing it to harden. Once applied, it will feel hard within 4 minutes, however, it takes 2-3 days to dry completely.



The bucket should be filled with water at or below room temperature. Cooler water decreases the risk of burning the patient’s skin as the plaster sets and also allows for more working time with the casting material.

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