• catheterization tray consists of: disposable sterile gloves, drapes, one fenestrated, lubricant, cotton balls with container, forceps (2), prefilled 10cc syringe with sterile water to inflated the balloon, sterile specimen container for urine sample collection
  • sterile catheter, latex (rubber) or silicone: 2 way or 3 way (where possible, select the non-latex catheter)
  • chlorhexidine 2% aqueous solution
  • Sterile water
  • catheter-secure device or adhesive tape
  • urinary drainage bag
  • medicated lubricant (Urojet)

Note: Select the smallest size catheter that is able to provide adequate urine drainage. In general:

  • Size 12-14 Fr for women draining clear urine
  • Size 14-16 Fr for men draining clear urine
  • Size 16-18 Fr for patients with debris or mucous in their urine
  • Sizes in excess of 18 Fr for patients with hematuria, unless otherwise specified by physician
  • Size 22 Fr for continuous bladder irrigations (CBI’s), unless otherwise specified by physician