Students will continue to expand their knowledge of the literature search process by learning about and formulating a clinical question using the PICO methodology. Using evidence based medicine resources, students will search to find specific types of information to answer their question. The tutorial content will be applied in an upcoming Critical Appraisal, Research and Learning (CARL) assignment. At the end of the tutorial, students will be asked to complete a short multiple choice online quiz in MEdTech Central that will count as part of their CARL course grade.


Learning Objectives:

On completion of this tutorial, the students will have:

  1. Defined and formulated a PICO question.
  2. Translated the PICO question into a literature search.
  3. Demonstrated an organized search for randomized controlled trials in the OvidSP Medline database.
  4. Navigated "The Cochrane Library" for Cochrane Reviews on the identified topic.


Teaching/Learning Strategies:

  • Directed Independent Learning: Online Module
  • In class small group and large group discussion